Web and Mobile App Dev Beta Testers Needed for New Project

Needed: Currently looking for beta testers to assist with a web application development company. If you have any experience in programming, it would be a huge bonus for you since you’ll be able to speak the language they’re looking for. The primary skills needed if you have been a programmer and are looking at some new opportunities, please read through this article.

Web and Mobile Applications built in ASP.NET, ASP / IOS, Android, Xamarin

Experiential knowledge of any of the above listed technologies is required before consideration of these apps. The applications that are being built are for major corporations and they want to ensure the security of the apps as well as the functionality. They will be technically complex so some aptitude testing may be required before any testers are accepted. We will be looking at the performance of the programs as well as working out any bugs based on a number of criteria surrounding the functionalities that are being built in. Familiarity with scrum will help. The main goal of the newest project will be to ensure the ability to collaborate with other users across the enterprise platform. While there will be mobile apps connected for use with the platform, the majority of the work will be done from browsers, although use through a mobile browser will be acceptable since they will be built with a responsive design (HTML5), the native mobile version will be released at 2.0. Eventually a hybrid will be released for 3.0.

The testers will dive into several tiers of the application to ensure all links, forms and collaborative tools are working properly. You can expect to work with other testers as you’ll be set up with a faux enterprise. This SaaS company is a top web application development company in the United States.

The applications are going to be built so that they will be able to function for up to 24 hours offline. The rate of data decay, however, will not be optimal for times over 24 hours so a continual internet connection will be required. Each user session will be recorded for posterity and accountability.

This project will be very interactive and should yield a good return for the testers. We cannot discuss any payment here at this time, and it is possible that there will be no payment other than the experience to add to your resume. If you’re interested and feel qualified in the above mentioned technologies then please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you. Please do not contact any companies directly as this will be an immediate disqualification.

Fulfillment and payment will be handled by a third party service offered by sayhadergi.com.

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