Successful Launch of Automatic Pet Feeder with Mobile App

We’ve been testing an app for a new client built around an auto pet feeder, tied into the eating habits of dogs and cats particularly. The tests came out great after we helped work out a few scripts that limited the number of pets each unit could accommodate.

How does the automatic dog and cat feeder work?

Are you tired of getting up at odd hours of the day to feed your pet? Do you want them to stop bothering you whenever they need to eat? You will know it is your responsibility to feed them, but giving them food every single time can be hectic. This is why you should be looking at getting a high-quality automatic pet feeder tied in to a mobile application. This is the ultimate solution for dogs and cats when it comes to food and overall health and nutrition.

You will begin to  notice the following benefits as soon as the feeder is put in place within your pets reach.

About the app and unit we tested:

Helps Control Portions

screenshot of the pet feeding applicationYou always want to control portions being consumed as that’s a must. If you are not able to control portions, your pet can start eating too much, and that’s where their health can be damaged. You have to be patient and make sure you are controlling portions as well as you can. It will make a real difference, especially if you’re concerned about your pet’s nutrition.

Too many people are not able to control their pet’s portions and feel it is the pet taking over the process, but in general, it is their laziness kicking in. You have to automate the process, so this issue doesn’t pop up.

Automates Process For Those Leaving Home For Hours

This is the benefit most people are going to list when it pertains to an automated solution. You can put up the automatic pet feeder and know it is going to release the food at a set time without you having to think about it. This is great for those who are going to work or school and need a proper solution in place, so their pet can get the food they require.

You don’t want them to make a mess when you leave them alone, and this reduces all of the headaches for you.

Removes Pet’s Association Of You With Food

A pet can often start to build a connection between you and the food they’re eating. This means you have to get up every time they, are hungry and they will bother you about it as any pet would. You want to make sure they are not building this connection and instead realize it is the feeder that is going to give them their food. It will reduce some of the stress that is going to be placed on you by the pet and their needs.

If you want to save time and effort, you will want to eliminate this association as soon as you can, as with a similar product, the app controlled automatic pet feeder.

Can Help With Multiple Pets

Many people are not going to have one cat or dog inside their home, and that can lead to confused feeding schedules that are hard to deal with. When an automated solution is put forward, the pet can enjoy the food based on their schedule and move away from the feeder once they’re done.

This simplifies matters for people who are hoping to maintain the benefits needed to see long-term results as that’s a must.

Pets are lovely, but you might not enjoy feeding them personally all the time especially when you have to go to work or school. If you are going to be away from home or just want the pet to get their food independently, you have to purchase an automatic pet feeder. It will bring about a change that is noteworthy and will reduce the stress you are going to face as a pet owner. Too many people ignore this and end up in a situation where the process to feed their pet can take large chunks out of their day.

Great idea? It sure is! Need beta testing of your app? Drop us a line!