Construction Company Application Testers Needed

Are you a tester that has experience in the trades applications for websites? Are you familiar with blueprints, testing data sheets, project management and subcontractors? We’re looking for beta testers to help with an ipad application that will share data between project managers, architects, and municipalities. The application will be the central hub for documents in this pilot program as a new hotel is being built. This will be a first in the sorts for the particular client, who is going to be attempting a totally paperless project. The move is unprecedented in hotel construction as there are typically rendered drawings used for guiding the aesthetics of a project followed by elevation plans and paper blueprints for all subs.

project by carlsbad contractors pacific coast The subcontractors on this particular project had to agree to be a part of the pilot of the program and were educated on the application before beginning the project. They are currently undergoing scrutiny from the city because paper documents need to be marked up and submitted to the city for their public records, and we are currently working on an application that will take the notes from the general contractor and the subcontractors involved and automatically post them into the cloud, laid over the original print. The document will be sitting at a local Kinko’s for print, but this will be the only printed plans for the entire project according to its project managers. “We hope this application will be able to aggregate all the notes throughout the duration of the project for public records. We’re hoping the city will come on board with a paperless records policy” says a representative for Pacific Coast Corporate, a construction company from Carlsbad, CA.

The company has been leading the city with renovations on buildings as well as innovations in project management. California has long been leading the way in sustainable technology for many industries, including construction.

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