Testing Going Beyond Software to Shipping and Receiving

shipping and receiving full supply chain management softward Beta testing today has evolved into something much more than sitting in front of a screen, whether PC or a mobile device, or at TV screen testing games or other interactive digital actions.

But there is a new kind of testing that has generated a whole new kind of market. This essentially takes secret shoppers and makes beta testers out of them, or makes secret shoppers out of beta testers. What I mean is that, when you use an online platform to order something from a company, then follow through the shipping, receiving, opening and interacting with a product and a brand, each of these points need to be graded.

A progressive company that uses supply chain management software can have either a home-baked operating system that needs to be tested and proved, or it can be a tier 3 software that bolts on to their existing shopping cart. There are many ERP / CRM softwares like Netsuite or Salesforce, and these have moved out of any periods of testing as a stand alone software. But the testing resides in going through the entire buyer’s journey to ensure every action results in the positive next action. When one aspect of these is broken or has bugs that need to be fixed, it can only be found by several users from across many platforms and locations from different IP addresses and physical addresses. This kind of testing requires the user to follow a given flow, then to make a purchase, usually with an issued pre-paid Visa card so as not to tie your own money up. The process is documented by you, the user, and will include time stamps, deliverables, forwarding the confirmation emails, taking pictures of the delivered product; the box, the carrier (service, not human), the product inside the box, opening of the product, and in some cases, you may be asked to return the product to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the return services associated with a purchase.

This is a new wave of testing that SayDergi.com has exclusive access to. We’ve worked hard on getting clients who need this kind of service and they’re willing to pay a premium. Each client we sign on, in order to make the most of the testing, needs to test 100x or more per month. Our blocks of testing are sold in 100, 500 and 1000 tests. Each tester will test no more than 3 times per client, and will use a different list of testing criteria for each test if one should get a job with the same client. For an idea on a typical client, read this client’s blog on ecommerce.

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