Testing Going Beyond Software to Shipping and Receiving

shipping and receiving full supply chain management softward Beta testing today has evolved into something much more than sitting in front of a screen, whether PC or a mobile device, or at TV screen testing games or other interactive digital actions.

But there is a new kind of testing that has generated a whole new kind of market. This essentially takes secret shoppers and makes beta testers out of them, or makes secret shoppers out of beta testers. What I mean is that, when you use an online platform to order something from a company, then follow through the shipping, receiving, opening and interacting with a product and a brand, each of these points need to be graded.

A progressive company that uses supply chain management software can have either a home-baked operating system that needs to be tested and proved, or it can be a tier 3 software that bolts on to their existing shopping cart. There are many ERP / CRM softwares like Netsuite or Salesforce, and these have moved out of any periods of testing as a stand alone software. But the testing resides in going through the entire buyer’s journey to ensure every action results in the positive next action. When one aspect of these is broken or has bugs that need to be fixed, it can only be found by several users from across many platforms and locations from different IP addresses and physical addresses. This kind of testing requires the user to follow a given flow, then to make a purchase, usually with an issued pre-paid Visa card so as not to tie your own money up. The process is documented by you, the user, and will include time stamps, deliverables, forwarding the confirmation emails, taking pictures of the delivered product; the box, the carrier (service, not human), the product inside the box, opening of the product, and in some cases, you may be asked to return the product to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the return services associated with a purchase.

This is a new wave of testing that SayDergi.com has exclusive access to. We’ve worked hard on getting clients who need this kind of service and they’re willing to pay a premium. Each client we sign on, in order to make the most of the testing, needs to test 100x or more per month. Our blocks of testing are sold in 100, 500 and 1000 tests. Each tester will test no more than 3 times per client, and will use a different list of testing criteria for each test if one should get a job with the same client. For an idea on a typical client, read this client’s blog on ecommerce.

For more information on how to be come a beta tester, fill out this form.

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Web and Mobile App Dev Beta Testers Needed for New Project

Needed: Currently looking for beta testers to assist with a web application development company. If you have any experience in programming, it would be a huge bonus for you since you’ll be able to speak the language they’re looking for. The primary skills needed if you have been a programmer and are looking at some new opportunities, please read through this article.

Web and Mobile Applications built in ASP.NET, ASP / IOS, Android, Xamarin

Experiential knowledge of any of the above listed technologies is required before consideration of these apps. The applications that are being built are for major corporations and they want to ensure the security of the apps as well as the functionality. They will be technically complex so some aptitude testing may be required before any testers are accepted. We will be looking at the performance of the programs as well as working out any bugs based on a number of criteria surrounding the functionalities that are being built in. Familiarity with scrum will help. The main goal of the newest project will be to ensure the ability to collaborate with other users across the enterprise platform. While there will be mobile apps connected for use with the platform, the majority of the work will be done from browsers, although use through a mobile browser will be acceptable since they will be built with a responsive design (HTML5), the native mobile version will be released at 2.0. Eventually a hybrid will be released for 3.0.

The testers will dive into several tiers of the application to ensure all links, forms and collaborative tools are working properly. You can expect to work with other testers as you’ll be set up with a faux enterprise. This SaaS company is a top web application development company in the United States.

The applications are going to be built so that they will be able to function for up to 24 hours offline. The rate of data decay, however, will not be optimal for times over 24 hours so a continual internet connection will be required. Each user session will be recorded for posterity and accountability.

This project will be very interactive and should yield a good return for the testers. We cannot discuss any payment here at this time, and it is possible that there will be no payment other than the experience to add to your resume. If you’re interested and feel qualified in the above mentioned technologies then please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you. Please do not contact any companies directly as this will be an immediate disqualification.

Fulfillment and payment will be handled by a third party service offered by sayhadergi.com.

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Successful Launch of Automatic Pet Feeder with Mobile App

We’ve been testing an app for a new client built around an auto pet feeder, tied into the eating habits of dogs and cats particularly. The tests came out great after we helped work out a few scripts that limited the number of pets each unit could accommodate.

How does the automatic dog and cat feeder work?

Are you tired of getting up at odd hours of the day to feed your pet? Do you want them to stop bothering you whenever they need to eat? You will know it is your responsibility to feed them, but giving them food every single time can be hectic. This is why you should be looking at getting a high-quality automatic pet feeder tied in to a mobile application. This is the ultimate solution for dogs and cats when it comes to food and overall health and nutrition.

You will begin to  notice the following benefits as soon as the feeder is put in place within your pets reach.

About the app and unit we tested:

Helps Control Portions

screenshot of the pet feeding applicationYou always want to control portions being consumed as that’s a must. If you are not able to control portions, your pet can start eating too much, and that’s where their health can be damaged. You have to be patient and make sure you are controlling portions as well as you can. It will make a real difference, especially if you’re concerned about your pet’s nutrition.

Too many people are not able to control their pet’s portions and feel it is the pet taking over the process, but in general, it is their laziness kicking in. You have to automate the process, so this issue doesn’t pop up.

Automates Process For Those Leaving Home For Hours

This is the benefit most people are going to list when it pertains to an automated solution. You can put up the automatic pet feeder and know it is going to release the food at a set time without you having to think about it. This is great for those who are going to work or school and need a proper solution in place, so their pet can get the food they require.

You don’t want them to make a mess when you leave them alone, and this reduces all of the headaches for you.

Removes Pet’s Association Of You With Food

A pet can often start to build a connection between you and the food they’re eating. This means you have to get up every time they, are hungry and they will bother you about it as any pet would. You want to make sure they are not building this connection and instead realize it is the feeder that is going to give them their food. It will reduce some of the stress that is going to be placed on you by the pet and their needs.

If you want to save time and effort, you will want to eliminate this association as soon as you can, as with a similar product, the app controlled automatic pet feeder.

Can Help With Multiple Pets

Many people are not going to have one cat or dog inside their home, and that can lead to confused feeding schedules that are hard to deal with. When an automated solution is put forward, the pet can enjoy the food based on their schedule and move away from the feeder once they’re done.

This simplifies matters for people who are hoping to maintain the benefits needed to see long-term results as that’s a must.

Pets are lovely, but you might not enjoy feeding them personally all the time especially when you have to go to work or school. If you are going to be away from home or just want the pet to get their food independently, you have to purchase an automatic pet feeder. It will bring about a change that is noteworthy and will reduce the stress you are going to face as a pet owner. Too many people ignore this and end up in a situation where the process to feed their pet can take large chunks out of their day.

Great idea? It sure is! Need beta testing of your app? Drop us a line!

Strategies for Web Design and Development

Strategies For Developing And Designing Your First Website


an orange county website thumbnailMany of our corporate clients have asked if we provide some type of beta testing for websites. We usually end up telling them the same thing, that they need to create their website for their own liking first, then they can use their natural traffic to judge the effectiveness of their design and development.

In case you are thinking of launching a website from the very beginning, it’s crucial that you have a clear idea of this process before you start. A web site can be a very lucrative venture, but it really can only be profitable if you have done your research prior. Most individuals start by investing in their sites before they have put keen thought into each and every step. This can lead to a total waste of money along with their sites never coming to fruition. Don’t fret though, with research and planning you’ll be able to set yourself on the right path towards making a profitable site that generates the kinds of clicks you’re looking for.

In regards to this, here are a  few steps to help you get started.

Research your competition and survey the current market before you think of hiring a web development company. You should take a moment to look at what the competitors are going after. Have a look at other websites to see if there’s someone focusing on the same market as yours. Look into how they run their websites. This will help you determine whether it’s worth creating your website, prior to deciding to put money into your project.

To ascertain success, you must locate a niche market that you can target. You may well be tempted to attract all kinds of various visitors, but you will get greater success if you target a specific demographic. So, extensively think about your prospects and the things they are most enthusiastic about. From here on, you can start growing your site.

Determine What Elements You Prefer By Brainstorming Design Ideas


When you have thought about more details on the purpose of your website, it’s now the time to think about the style. You will have to consider the ideal way to provide your site with amazing, unique content for your feature product or service. Bear in mind that people like eye-catching websites and so, be sure that the most critical elements of your internet site are featured prominently. An excellent way of finding out the things you like is simply by taking a look at other sites.

In regards to this, make a list of things that you want and don’t like, and offer them to your designer. Have a look at other websites’ colors and fashions along with the direction they have used imagery and text. Also think of the page’s functionality. This sort of list can help you be clear about what you are searching for within your site. It will help the designer bring your vision into a reality.

Settle Within A Strict Web Design Budget

It’s critical that decide what you really can afford to pay and start searching for designers within your budget.

It is wise get in touch with a couple of designers in advance, to be able to get yourself a general notion of the pricing. If you locate a few designers, plus they tell you that your finances is too low, you might need to boost the money, or even drop the scale of the site. Keep in mind a high quality website does not come cheap. Many people tend not to put enough money inside their budget plus they end up suffering for doing it.

If you prefer a professional looking site, you need to set your financial budget realistically. From here on, you will have to work with a designer and advertise your site aggressively after launching. In this way, you are going to end up with a design that completely suits your niche, and something which is profitable in the long run.

Here are a few great web and graphic designers / marketing agencies that I can recommend:

2050 W. Chapman Ave, Suite 241, Orange, CA 92868

searchgeeks214 San Diego St., #7, Oceanside CA 92058

Construction Company Application Testers Needed

Are you a tester that has experience in the trades applications for websites? Are you familiar with blueprints, testing data sheets, project management and subcontractors? We’re looking for beta testers to help with an ipad application that will share data between project managers, architects, and municipalities. The application will be the central hub for documents in this pilot program as a new hotel is being built. This will be a first in the sorts for the particular client, who is going to be attempting a totally paperless project. The move is unprecedented in hotel construction as there are typically rendered drawings used for guiding the aesthetics of a project followed by elevation plans and paper blueprints for all subs.

project by carlsbad contractors pacific coast The subcontractors on this particular project had to agree to be a part of the pilot of the program and were educated on the application before beginning the project. They are currently undergoing scrutiny from the city because paper documents need to be marked up and submitted to the city for their public records, and we are currently working on an application that will take the notes from the general contractor and the subcontractors involved and automatically post them into the cloud, laid over the original print. The document will be sitting at a local Kinko’s for print, but this will be the only printed plans for the entire project according to its project managers. “We hope this application will be able to aggregate all the notes throughout the duration of the project for public records. We’re hoping the city will come on board with a paperless records policy” says a representative for Pacific Coast Corporate, a construction company from Carlsbad, CA.

The company has been leading the city with renovations on buildings as well as innovations in project management. California has long been leading the way in sustainable technology for many industries, including construction.

For more on Pacific Coast Corporate:
Address: 390 Oak Ave, Suite A Carlsbad CA 92008
(760) 298-3170

Credit Requirements for Beta Testers – Domestic & International

We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding our application process to become a Sayha Dergi beta tester around the credit requirements. Please read through all the terms and conditions of the agreement, including the credit information.

Since we’re providing a unique service that requires the handling of monies, it’s imperative that you get a credit card to make the purchases for the products. You will be reimbursed for every purchase, of course, but you’ll need to have an open line of credit while you’re working for our clients. You should have at least $500 on your balance at the beginning of each month. In order to get a that kind of balance, we suggest you have a score of at least 620 FICO.

Ways to get your credit fixed:

If you’re having problems getting the card, you can do a few things. First, pay of any cards you already have and keep your payments regular. Don’t go into default for your current payments for anything from rent to a car note. If you can handle these payments on time, it’s the best thing you can do to bring your score back up. Also, pay your balances down, this always helps. You don’t want to keep a 100% balance, try to get it down to 50% or less, this will also help your score.

Another option is to get in touch with a credit repair company who can work directly with the reporting agencies and the creditors. They will be able to negotiate settlements where necessary as well as get derogatory claims removed from your report. This can help you within in just a few months usually, especially if all you need is 50 points to 100 points added to your score.



I hope this helps everyone who is interested in our beta testing program. For those who have already applied to become a tester and are having a hard time getting a card with the limit described above, please contact us and we’ll try to work it out with you. There are always other positions you could take when testing, but you probably won’t have the income you’d get with our highest programs.

To our clients, thank you for trusting our people, we are committed to bringing the most educated testers to your projects!


Searching for Mobile and Web Application Beta Testers

become a beta testerWe’re currently searching for people who may be interested in becoming a beta tester for mobile and web applications. We’ve got several aspects of testing we’re looking for good feedback on. Since these apps sometimes cost in the $100,000s, we prefer experienced testers.

If you have experience testing applications and providing bug reports, testing and other reporting in the following areas:

ease of use
testing until things break
finding back doors coding problems

We’re contracted with some of the top application development companies around the world who’ve asked us to source beta testers for upcoming projects. Please contact us to become a tester. Some gigs are paid, but only a stipend and a free app download.

Mobile Apps and Social Media Giants

artificial intel - Sayha Dergi BlogAs the Internet matures and the number of devices that are plugged in continue to out-produce the number of humans, more and more applications are being built to further artificial intelligence. At the core of this progression are businesses that continue to contribute to the global collective of information, and upon that shall this website be dedicated. I will find the best information to bring to readers regarding the global awakening of a new intelligence that is collective, plugged in and turned on.

Please check back often as I will be posting regularly on this new website. For inquiries please visit the about page.